sarahlouiseng asked:

Have you got tried the new surface pressure for pencil yet? Any opinions about it?

I have. Heres a few jumbled thoughts until I get them completely sorted and worked out in a new blog post(tutorial).

Quick impression is I think I can finally give up using a Pogo Connect stylus. Pencil and Surface Pressure enables the same ability to vary stroke width and is much less frustrating to deal with.

In most cases, drawing with the fat side of Pencil’s tip to produce a thicker stroke is more natural and reacts in a way that mimics “real” drawing utensils. In other cases it can be quite challenging to deliberately vary a stroke with the same amount of control I’d get with a Pogo Connect.

The name “Surface Pressure” is kind of misleading and “Surface Area” is a more accurate description of how it works. Applying more pressure as you draw doesn’t really have any effect unless you press so hard the tip bends to cover a larger area.

The cool pencil “shading” effect shown in FiftyThree’s Surface Pressure video from a few months ago has not been implemented in the app yet. Apparently the sketch (pencil) tool will be getting that update at a later date. For me that is the one feature I’ve been waiting to play with the most, hope the update comes soon.

Watercolor strokes are now much thinner by default. Combined with the “wet on wet” behavior enhancement, Paper watercolorists should be very happy. It is so much easier to manipulate paint, do detail work, and now matches what only a Pogo Connect could previously do.

Now if FiftyThree could just do something about the weak Pencil tips that wear out way too fast…