Early Venetian Printing Illustrated

Have always enjoyed the typography and art found in early illuminated manuscripts. Something about the line work and ornate letter forms really appeals to me.

Browsing around some typography websites the other day I came across mention of a book titled, Early Venetian Printing. It’s apparently extremely rare, but the Internet Archive has both scanned copies (in PDF format) and an online version for viewing.

A collection of facsimile illustrations of pages from early printed books, initials, borders, title-pages, printers’ marks, art bindings, etc., with short introductions by Carlo Castellani (p. 9-[20]) on Venetian printing, printers’ marks, water-marks and music printing; also a note on bindings (p. 217-218)

Think I might have found inspiration for future tattoo work… if I can only draw in cat heads for all the figures.